Jacques Plante is a professional Canadian ice hockey goalie. During a career spanning 1947 to 1975, he was considered one of the most important innovators in hockey.

Jacques Plante’s full name is Joseph Jacques Omer Plante and he was dubbed the “revolutionary” of ice hockey because he was the first to make improvements to the sport and helped hockey. on ice is more popular.

Jacques Plante is not the first goalkeeper to wear a mask in hockey sport. Elizabeth Graham goalkeeper of the Golden Gaels women’s hockey team at Queen’s University was the first to use masks in the sport in 1927.

But Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first goalkeeper to make it more popular, and he also developed and tested many different kinds of strange faces to suit this sport, moreover, under the support Aided by other hockey experts, he developed the first mask to become the precursor to the type of mask combined with the helmets we see today.

He was also the first hockey goalkeeper to regularly guide and encourage teammates to attack while he was on duty to defend the goal.

During 10 years of playing for Montreal Canadiens, he and his teammates earned Montreal Canadiens the “Dream Team” in 1985. With a total of 437 matches played during his 28-year career as an ice hockey goalkeeper, Jacques Plante ranked 7th among the NHL goalkeepers in history.

In 2017, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was named one of the “100 greatest ice hockey players” in history.

Ice hockey sport

Ice hockey developed from Canada – is an ice hockey sport. Each team will have 6 players, including the goalkeeper. A team will have a maximum of 20 people per match, including 2 goalkeepers.

A match will consist of 3 rounds, 20 minutes each, dead time, the break time between the 2 rounds is 15 minutes.

The stadium is 61m long and 30m wide. It will consist of 3 areas including 2 defensive areas for each team and the middle of the field. In each defensive area there will be 2 small circles for the defensive team players.

The speed of this subject is very high, can reach more than 180km / h. There will be 1 piece of hard rubber called snow ball and 2 teams will use the sticks to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Athletes will wear protective gear on the head, shoulders, gloves, and the goalkeeper wear shin guards. Unlike on-line hockey, ice hockey does not limit the number of substitutions.