Hockey pitch and its markings

The dimensions of a hockey rink, according to the rules fixed by the International Ice Hockey Federation, are 60-61 meters long and 29-30 meters wide. For informal games, the size of the court may vary, but the minimum area that can be specified in the rules of hockey is 40 x 20 meters.

The hockey pitch itself is limited to one side at least 1.2 meters high. Around the circumference, protective glass is mounted behind edges that are 1.6 to 2 meters high. The corners of the platform and the faces should be rounded. On one side of the sidewall, there is an outlet for players of both teams.

Through open portals inwards, athletes go on the ice at the beginning of the match and make substitutions during the game. On the benches on this side of the side, the wall is all declared team players and coaching staff. On the other side of the court, two gates lead to penalty frames for players of both teams.

The ice hockey rink

To mark the ice hockey rink, blue and red paints are used. The field is divided in half by the central red line, the face point at its center. Three to four meters from the fronts (the short edges of the site) are the red lines of the gate, in the center, there is the gate.

To mark the ice hockey rink, blue and red paints are used

The distance between the golf poles in hockey is 1.83 meters and their height is 1.22 meters. The target area is indicated by blue paint with red outlines.

At a height of 17.23 meters from each goal line, the blue lines of the rival areas parallel to them are drawn, the center of which is the center.  The Facing Areas are limited by circles with a radius of 4.5 meters drawn to the left and right of the target at a distance of 6 meters.