Ice hockey is becoming more and more popular, although compared to soccer and basketball, the popularity of ice hockey is not very high. Therefore, the number of films and television productions on ice hockey is not inferior to football and basketball.

The following will introduce 5 very interesting movies with the theme of ice hockey, hope everyone has time to look to see and appreciate the unique appeal of ice hockey.

Goon 2011

Doug Glatt, the main protagonist of the movie, is a bar guard with a strong build and a boring personality. Once, Glatt went to watch an ice hockey tournament, the audience was not satisfied with the player’s performance and booed, the players were very dissatisfied with the boos from the audience. This scene happened to be filmed and distributed by a friend, Glatt immediately attracted the attention of the public and joined a local ice hockey team.

Goon is a great movie about ice hockey

As a rookie, Grat needs to start from the basics, but he is a potential player on the team. Perhaps due to his talent, Gratt gradually matured in the game, and according to the coach’s recommendation, he entered the Highlanders professional tournament.

Glatt’s main task is to protect the safety of his teammates as a bodyguard. In countless fierce battles, Glatt not only defeated his opponent but also made the viewer feel very romantic that was the scene where he met his favorite.

Miracle 2004

The film tells the story of an American ice hockey team, which is inexperienced, and won against the Soviet ice hockey team at the Winter Olympics.

This film is based on the true story of the US team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Famous coach Herb Brooks was appointed to lead the American ice hockey team to the Winter Olympics, then dominating the world as the Soviet team, which since the 1960s took the title of champions of the Olympic ice hockey long ago.

Hebe selected a group of outstanding players from all of the US universities to begin the rigorous training process. With the efforts of Hebe and the players, these amateurs even possessed real combat power against the Soviet Union. In the final match, the American ice hockey team defeated the Soviet Union and brought glory to America.