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NHL checks for the place in North America that can end the season

During the coronavirus epidemic, NHL is increasingly seeking to end the season in neutral venues without an audience. Bill Daly, the second senior official in the North American hockey competition, said the tournament was watching where such matches could be held. At the same time, he emphasized that this was just an unpopular option.

NHL gathers proposals from North American cities that will be ready to host such matches. “Our people are giving a comprehensive list of what we will need in these arenas. It will also provide an overview of the level they are at. But I can’t say we have a list of places to play, ”he said. Daly.

The best hockey in the world stopped on March 12. In the regular season, teams must play 11 to 14 matches. According to some information can be played at Grand Fork, Manchester or Saskatoon. However, tournament representative, Gary Bettman, admitted that he had not checked any preliminary NHL applications.

NHL continues to follow government and government guidelines related to health and safety during a pandemic. “It is in their hands the last space time we will have. It won’t be broadcast on May 1, we definitely won’t be back at that time, that’s clear. We will see, ”Daly said.

Tournament management has previously asked the clubs to ensure that their arena can be used until the end of August. Also, maybe early next year will be postponed to end this season.

According to the media, other professional leagues in the US are also working to use arenas and stadiums in neutral places without an audience. NBA games can be played in the Bahamas and Las Vegas. Training camps in Arizona and Florida qualify for preparation camps and possibly MLB baseball competitions, scheduled to begin on March 26.

The President of Belarus: Ice hockey is of the best covid-19 treatments

Belarus, a small country located between Russia and the European Union member Poland with 9.5 million people. According to WHO statistics, Belarus has recorded 94 cases of covid-19 infection and no deaths.

President Alexander Lukashenko has dismissed concerns about Covid-19, telling his people that ice hockey, vodka and banya (a traditional sauna) are the best covid-19 treatment.

While most European countries have ordered social isolation, Belarus has yet to implement restrictions on large gatherings.

So far, Belarus has not closed the border but all its neighbors: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have closed their borders. Restaurants, parks and bars remain open. Major sporting events took place as planned and attracted hundreds of spectators, despite the World Health Organization’s distant recommendations.

Not only are tournaments going on as planned, but fans are still attending matches across the country because Belarus has yet to implement restrictions on crowded gatherings.

The Belarussian Premier League is currently the only continental football tournament to continue in the explosion of Covid-19. Saturday derby between the two teams from the capital Minsk attracted 1,750 fans.

And Lukashenko himself was not limited to appearing in public, he participated in a hockey game on Saturday. “It is better to die than to live on your knees. This is a refrigerator, this is good for health, nothing is better than sports, especially if ice is a real antiviral drug. ” he said.

Both Lukashenko and supporters in the stands do not seem to make any effort to comply with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how far away from society, still hugging and patting each other’s back.

The work did not stop either, because Lukashenko was concerned about how the response of covid-19 is damaging the global economy. He said he found inspiration in U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal that treating Covid-19 should not be worse than the virus itself.