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Everything to know about ice hockey in Canada (Part 3)

Standard site size

A standard hockey pitch, or box, as it is called, must have the following dimensions: 60 x 30 meters or 56 x 26 meters with a radius of 7, 5 meters.

The smaller the size of the web page, the more targets it has, the more the power attacks increase.

On the other hand, the emphasis is on team tactics, the ability to combine – for this reason, at international competitions there are big venues.

The height of the board varies from 1, 17 to 1, 22 meters, or 1, 02 to 1, 22 meters, as defined by the National Hockey League.

Features of the Canadian hockey stadium

It should be noted that in Canada, sites vary in size: 60, 9 x 25, 9 meters, allowing Canadian hockey players to combine both strength and strategic methods. The area of ​​such a field is 1579, 5 m 2, in contrast to Europe, whose size is 1800 m 2.

Game duration

The duration of the game is three-game stages in twenty minutes, each completing a fifteen-minute break. Previously, if teams scored the same number of goals in goal, a draw was recorded. The countdown is provided to lead the referee – it still exists to this day.

Soon, however, a draw result stopped organizing both hockey players and fans. After that, it was decided to add one (overtime) to the main time. If no team scores a goal in overtime, the shootout takes care of the game (a series of shooters).

Each team makes three tries – who can take advantage of this opportunity and Throw the ball into the opponent’s net. As a rule, overtime is 20 minutes – the game is played on a four-by-four system. The match may be stopped by a decision of judges, coaches, and team members.

Today’s Canadian hockey coach is Bill Peters, who held this position in 2016 and prepares the team to win the World Cup. The national team consists only of players from the National Hockey League.

The Canadian national hockey team in 2018 consisted of three goalkeepers including Curtis McIlleni, Darcy Kumper, Michael DiPietro; seven defenders: Aaron Ekblada, Colton Parayko, Joel Edmundson, Darnell Ners, Ryan Pulok, Tom Shabo, Ryan Murray. Also includes thirteen forward. The average age of team players is 24 years old. The national team is managed by the Canadian Hockey Federation.

Everything to know about ice hockey in Canada (Part 1)

Although there is official data, according to which hockey’s birthplace is the Canadian city of Montreal, there are many versions of the sport’s appearance. For example, in the sixteenth century in the Netherlands, people enjoyed a game very similar to modern hockey.

It is the action taking place on ice, where players use balls or sticks to beat opponents. In ancient Japan, there were some types of this game, but on the field and with the ball.

Later, this idea was borrowed by the British, who could improve the sport such as writing the rules, creating the official national hockey association. The popularity of this game in other countries has reached enormous proportions. In the UK, hockey is still developed.

Ice hockey in Canada

The first ice hockey game took place in Montreal at the Victoria ice rink. According to local newspapers, two teams participated in it, each team having nine people. The players wore baseball uniforms and used wooden washers.

The match took place, but the first rule was only invented in 1877 by students of the University of Montreal. The popularity of Canadian ice hockey has increased, and in 1883 at the Montreal Winter Carnival game was officially proved. Since then, it has been an essential attribute of domestic sporting events.

In 1885, the amateur hockey association was founded. The publication of the official rules, its author is a Canadian R. Smith, dating back to 1886. Since then, they have not changed much. In the same year, the first meeting took place between the Canadian national hockey team and England.

The first world championship was held a little later – in 1890 in the province of Ontario. Each year, the game became increasingly popular, allowing Governor-General of Canada Frederick Arthur Stanley in 1893 to receive an inexpensive cup to award winners of matches – this trophy is still part of Precious rewards for hockey players.

The rules and attributes of the game gradually change. Therefore, a network appeared on the gate in 1900 to determine exactly whether the goal was scored or not; the right to resolve frequent conflicts between hockey players is given to the judges; The referee’s metal whistle was replaced with a plastic; A throw washer was introduced.