Ice hockey is a form of competition from hockey. This is one of the types of competitions that are loved by many countries and is organized into big tournaments. So, do you know the talented Olympic players of ice hockey?

The rankings of ice hockey are constantly changing. To be in the world rankings, that player must have all the talents of a player. At the same time, it must be someone who has won many international competitions. So ice hockey has several innings and typical players. Let’s see who are the bright faces of ice hockey!

Bobby Orr

Although not playing much, only 10 seasons at the NHL, Orr has proven his natural talent. Orr dominated his time by constantly improving the skills and art of an attacking defender. Orr has really shined in such an offensive post-game style. The proof is that he did not cease to win honorable victories in major tournaments. Results online Orr ice hockey consistently wins high prizes.

Bobby Orr has a great influence on ice hockey

Thanks to fast and strong strides, Orr is able to slide around the team quickly and easily. He often moved the courtyard during the game. Bobby is considered the gold standard for defender position with a record of scoring and supporting the effective attack. Whenever people mention Bobby Orr, people will immediately think of Canada ice hockey. He is a solid symbol of Canadian hockey.

Gordie Howe

Howe is known as Mr. Hockey for his talent in hockey and the highest scoring rate in NHL history. Viewers were truly impressed by the explosion of attacking gameplay. Gordie Howe demonstrated his talent with ice hockey. He not only has technical skills but also has the judgment of the opponent’s way, passing the ball.

Howe ushered in the most glorious era in history

With six MVP titles in a decade, Howe truly heralded the most glorious era in ice hockey history. His career spanned World War II. At that time, when it comes to ice hockey, people immediately think of Howe.

Jaromir Jagr

Referring to Jaromir Jagr, people immediately remember a player with great stature and tough strength with great playing skills. Throughout his playing career, he has scored more than 500 overall goals. At 43, the age where all the other players have retired, he is still an effective player in the squad. He is also hunted a lot by the NHL football teams.