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Basic things to know about ice hockey equipment and tools

An ice hockey game requires a ball. This sports equipment is made of vulcanized plastic or rubber. The diameter of it is 3 inches (7.62 cm), the thickness is 1 inch (2.54 cm), the weight is 156 to 170 grams. Ice hockey is played with sticks used for kicking, passing, and the ball.

The cane is a long thin stem with a flat extension at one end, called a hook. The sizes of clubs, as well as the materials with which they are made, vary widely depending on the athlete’s physical characteristics, working hands, preferences. A goalie stick is different from that of a normal player.

When playing hockey, athletes move around the field at high speed and move the ball at an even greater speed with the help of strikes. For this reason, great importance is given to the player’s protective devices.

Compulsory helmets and all shields and cushions in their form protect the athlete from bumps and bumps, falls and collisions with balls. Modern materials make it possible to make such protection as easy and as convenient as possible.

Hockey game begins

Any hockey game starts from the front center, where the puck is played by two players from opposing teams. The choice of half the field before the beginning of the first phase usually remains with the host of the meeting or is done heavily.

Teams must change their goals after each major or additional major period. Players and goalkeepers can be substituted at any time during the match or during stoppage time. Furthermore, the goalkeeper, if desired, can be replaced by a field player.

Goals in hockey

A goal is counted in a hockey match whenever the ball touches the target and completely crosses the finish line. The exception is the case when a player deliberately kicks the ball with his foot or hand or directs it at the goal by any means other than with his stick.

Ice hockey requires many tools and equipment

Additionally, goals scored online as a result of a direct rebound from the referee, or if the goal turns out to be moved, are not counted.

Hockey violations and penalties

In modern hockey rules, a large number of situations are listed, the appearance of ice on it is recognized as a violation by one or more players and fined by some of the most fines. concentration.

Among the most common violations in hockey are opponent hits and pushes, trips, delays and hooks, tricks against a player who does not possess the ball, play dangerously with a high club, slow play, as well as undisciplined and undisciplined behavior.

Learn the basic terms and rules about ice hockey sport (Part 3)

Discipline until the end of the game

The player or team is officially deleted before the end of the game with a substitute and sent to the positions under his authority. After the game, the referee must submit a report and the match organizer may impose additional penalties.

Penalty match

Players who are deleted before the end of the game with a substitute after 5 minutes, will be disqualified for the next match and sent to the guild room. Any player on the field, at the discretion of the captain, will execute the penalty for 5 minutes.

After the game, the referee must submit a report and the match organizer may impose additional penalties. The 5 minute fine cannot be removed before the deadline.

Free throws

The designated free throw (bullet) at the gate of the offending team. The goalkeeper of the offending team and the player on the opponent’s field remain on the field.

The shot is placed in the center of the field in front of the player, the referee blows his whistle, then the player starts to approach the goalkeeper and shoots a shot towards the goal without being able to finish.

KHL Championship

The regular Continental Hockey League championship is held once a year. To compete for an ice win, teams from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Slovakia, and Finland gathered. During the championship, each team hosted 56 matches – two matches each, plus four more.

The regular Continental Hockey League championship is held once a year

What is a playoff game

The playoffs are the second stage of the KHL Championship – the game of elimination. As a result of the regular KHL Championships, Continental Cup winner Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov is determined. According to the results of the playoffs, the Russian champion is determined, becoming Russia’s best club and the KHL champion is the holder of the Gagarin Cup.

In the playoffs, there are 8 teams from the conferences, meaning a total of 16 teams earned first place on the leaderboard, determined by the total number of points scored in all matches of the first round of the group. Championship.

The teams are split into pairs, the team that occupies the highest position in the group playing with the smallest team, the second team in a row – with the penultimate, etc. This quarter-final match is the first stage. Teams meet until one of them reaches 4 wins.

The next stage is the semi-final. The winner will enter the semifinals – 8 teams, 4 from each Conference. Followed by super finals and conference finals, a series of games between the strongest teams East and West. There will be only one winner – KHL Champion and Gagarin Cup winner.