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The legendary Olympic ice hockey players in the world

Ice hockey is a form of competition from hockey. This is one of the types of competitions that are loved by many countries and is organized into big tournaments. So, do you know the talented Olympic players of ice hockey?

The rankings of ice hockey are constantly changing. To be in the world rankings, that player must have all the talents of a player. At the same time, it must be someone who has won many international competitions. So ice hockey has several innings and typical players. Let’s see who are the bright faces of ice hockey!

Bobby Orr

Although not playing much, only 10 seasons at the NHL, Orr has proven his natural talent. Orr dominated his time by constantly improving the skills and art of an attacking defender. Orr has really shined in such an offensive post-game style. The proof is that he did not cease to win honorable victories in major tournaments. Results online Orr ice hockey consistently wins high prizes.

Bobby Orr has a great influence on ice hockey

Thanks to fast and strong strides, Orr is able to slide around the team quickly and easily. He often moved the courtyard during the game. Bobby is considered the gold standard for defender position with a record of scoring and supporting the effective attack. Whenever people mention Bobby Orr, people will immediately think of Canada ice hockey. He is a solid symbol of Canadian hockey.

Gordie Howe

Howe is known as Mr. Hockey for his talent in hockey and the highest scoring rate in NHL history. Viewers were truly impressed by the explosion of attacking gameplay. Gordie Howe demonstrated his talent with ice hockey. He not only has technical skills but also has the judgment of the opponent’s way, passing the ball.

Howe ushered in the most glorious era in history

With six MVP titles in a decade, Howe truly heralded the most glorious era in ice hockey history. His career spanned World War II. At that time, when it comes to ice hockey, people immediately think of Howe.

Jaromir Jagr

Referring to Jaromir Jagr, people immediately remember a player with great stature and tough strength with great playing skills. Throughout his playing career, he has scored more than 500 overall goals. At 43, the age where all the other players have retired, he is still an effective player in the squad. He is also hunted a lot by the NHL football teams.

The greatest NHL goalkeeper in history

Jacques Plante is a Canadian goalkeeper Joseph Jacques Omer Plante, named by Google as the innovator of ice hockey.

Goalkeeper Joseph Jacques Omer Plante

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante’s hockey career lasted from 1947 to 1975. He played for the Montreal Canadiens team for 10 years from 1953 to 1963.

In 1965, he decided to retire. However, because of his unceasing talent and dedication to Canadian hockey, he was invited back to the National Hockey League to play for the St. Patrick’s Open Louis Blues in 1968.

Goalkeeper Joseph Jacques Omer Plante

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante played for the Edmonton team in 1974, and officially retired from his professional hockey career with the team in 1975. During his career, he made many revolutionary innovations in hockey.

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante developed and tested various masks in hockey and was also the first to wear a goalie mask in the match. He was also the first hockey goalie to regularly guide and encourage his teammates to attack while on goal defense.

Plante is currently ranked 473rd on the list of famous hockey players of all time. Although retired in 1965 but because of his talent and relentless dedication to Canadian hockey, he was persuaded to return to the National Hockey League to play for the St. Johns Open. Louis Blues in 1968.

He then played for the Edmonton team in 1974, and officially retired from his professional hockey career with this team in 1975.

The innovator of ice hockey

The reason why Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was called as one of the innovator of ice hockey was that he had made many “first” innovations in this popular cold country.

The innovator of ice hockey

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first NHL goalkeeper to wear a goalie mask in gameplay that was regulated by the rules of the law. Not stopping there, he also developed and tested a variety of masks (including the precursor to today’s head-head helmet combination) with the help of other hockey experts.

He was also the first hockey goalie to regularly guide and encourage his teammates to attack while on goal defense. During his 10 years of playing for Montreal Canadiens, he and his teammates earned Montreal Canadiens the title “Dream Team” in 1985.

With a total of 437 matches played during his 28 years as an ice hockey goalkeeper, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante is ranked 7th among NHL goalkeepers in history.

The best female skiing athletes in the history of this winter sport

The following female ski athletes were excelled at winning high prizes in the World Cup tournament. Here is a list of top female ski athletes in the history.

1. Janica Kostelic of Croatia

Janica Koselic stands out as the greatest female Olympic ski athlete with four gold and two silver medals in Salt Lake City and Turin. If she hadn’t been forced to retire because of her injury, she wouldn’t be able to win even more medals at Vancover.

2. Vreni Schneider of Switzerland

Vreni Schneider has won 5 medals including 3 gold in Calgary and Lillehammer. She is one of the most successful female ski athletes of all time. She was dubbed the Swiss Sports athlete in the 20th century.

3. Deborah Compagnoni of Italy

Deborah Compagnoni has won three gold medals at the three Olympics. She dominated Super-G at Albertville and GS in Lillehammer and Nagano. She also won a silver medal at the Slalom Prize in Japan.

4. Katja Seizinger of Germany

Katja Seizinger won gold medals in Downhill in both Lillehammer and Nagano. She also won a bronze medal at the Super-G Prize in Albertville and the GS Prize in Nagano.

5. Hanni Wenzel of Germany

Hanni Wenzel won the Slalom Bronze Medal at Innsbruck in 1976 and was followed by the Slalom and GS gold medals in Lake Placid, as well as the silver medal at the Downhill.

6. Rosi Mittermaier of Germany

Rosi Mittermaier won the Downhill and Slalom gold medals in Innsbruck in 1976, as well as a silver medal in GS. Her Downhill win at the Olympics was the only event of her career.

7. Michaela Dorfmeister of Austria                     

Michaela Dorfmeister won the silver at Super-G in Nagano and then won 2 golds in Downhill and Super-G in Turin. At 33, just before retiring, she was the most formidable opponent of the World Cup. Dorfmeister’s talent earned her a spot at the Schladming ski academy, where many of the country’s top riders are trained.

8. Nancy Green of Canada

Nancy Green won the gold medal in the GS and Silver Medal Slalom in Grenoble. Her triumph broke the dominance of European racers and she was later called the female athlete of the century.

The biography of hockey player Vladimir E. Krutov (Part 3)

Krutov’s most famous partners are Makarov, Larionov, Fetisov, and Kasatonov. These five armies roared all over the world. Many hockey experts believe that this team is the best in ice hockey history in terms of teamwork and efficiency.

Krutov’s speech at NHL

While still at the peak of its popularity, Vladimir E. Krutov (and this is 1986) was represented at the NHL draft. And that’s when hockey players were selected for the twelfth round by Canada’s Vancouver Canucks team. But Vladimir had to wait a long time to come to Canada. He spent his first and last season at NHL in 1989 and scored eleven goals for Vancouver.

Vladimir has always been a hockey player, seemingly too many, overweight, but this weight not only does not interfere with the athlete but he also cleverly uses it to lead a fight. power to the opponents. However, the club’s coaches abroad did not agree with this formula of the question, and athletes had to leave the Canadian championship.

The end of sports career

After finishing his hockey career at NHL, Krutov, a hockey player, he moved to Europe, where he spent the last few seasons in hockey. He won back one season in Switzerland, then moved to Sweden and spent another four seasons there.

It cannot be said that Krutov’s foreign career stormed at least the same as the Soviet Union. However, after the Swedish phase of his hockey career, Vladimir Krutov finished playing in large ice hockey.

Krutov achievements in hockey

If we talk about the hockey reputation of Vladimir Krutov, even though his sports career is short, he is still considered one of the best players in national hockey. Vladimir set a number of records, some of which will not be beaten in the near future. So he participated in three Olympics and had two Olympic gold and one silver.

And participating in seven world hockey championships, he came back five times with gold and once with silver and bronze. In addition, he participated in eleven Soviet hockey championships and won it all with his team.

He also entered the club of one hundred of the best goal scorers in the country, who scored 289 goals. And again, throughout his entire career, he has shot a lot of long shots, or shootouts, and never missed.

The biography of hockey player Vladimir E. Krutov (Part 2)

Krutov and the Soviet national team

In the Soviet national team, Krutov made his debut at the 1980 Olympics. At the time, the attacker was devoted to CSKA, led by Viktor Tikhonov, for three seasons and proved to be a successful striker. It was at this time that Viktor Tikhonov trained the national hockey team. Therefore, he invited a famous hockey player to the Olympics in the United States.

And although many considered the Olympic Games silver as a failure of the national team, then excellent hockey players of the time, like Petrov and Mikhailov, left it, they were replaced by a new galaxy of USSR stoned hockey players, including Vladimir Krutov with a separate diamond.

Literally shortly after this Olympics, the hegemony of the Soviet national team in ice hockey began. During this decade, the national team lost just a few tournaments, and this was also a great feat of Vladimir Krutov. Last year, when Krutov played for the national team, it was 1989. That year, the Soviet national team won the world championship in Sweden.

Partner of Vladimir Krutov

If we talk about Krutov’s partners, in the top three attacks he said, he was extremely lucky. As written above, Valery Kharlamov is an example for Krutov, and in his first years performing both in CSKA and in the Soviet national team, he was fortunate not only to play in the same team with his idol, but also played with him in the same attacking army.

In this way, there was a change of generations in both CSKA and the Soviet national team. Petrov, Mikhailov and Kharlamov were replaced by Makarov, Krutov and Larionov. Moreover, this generation change happens gradually and young hockey players not only play in the same team with famous athletes, but also learn from them.

Therefore, the rotation is almost painless. It was in the absence of continuity that Vladimir Evgenevich Krutov saw the problem of modern Russian hockey.

In interviews, he noted that young athletes often have no one to learn: as soon as a person reaches a certain form, he is immediately invited to go abroad, and bridges Inexperienced hockey no longer learns from him to replace him.

The most famous hockey teams and athletes nowadays

The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy, awarded annually to the winner of the final, after a series of competitions from the National Hockey League. Montreal Canadiens has won the Stanley Cup 23 times, since the league was formed, 10 times more than the second place of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

From 1951 to 1960, every year Montreal entered the Stanley Cup final, including five consecutive championships, from 56 to 60. Afterwards, the Canadiens won more than 10 times in the years 65 to 79. , and 2 more in 86 and 93

At the time, winning the Stanley Cup was more difficult. The New York Islanders won four consecutive trophies in the years ‘80, ‘81, ‘82 and ‘83. The Edmonton Oilers also won five trophies between 84 and 90, but since then the Detroit Red Wings have only won the championship for two consecutive years 97 and ‘98

Currently, only two teams are considered the most likely to win the Stanley Cup, the Los Angeles King and the Chicago Blackhawks. In the last three seasons, the Kings have won two cups, while the Chicago team won two in 2010 and 2013.


10. John Tavares is not the fastest in the competition, but he is even more amazing when moving the puck, passing it to teammates, or when he shoots it into the net.

9. AnzeKopitar doesn’t get much attention, but he is a respectable power for attacking and defending.

8. As a defender, Drew Doughty can do anything, and always dedicates the best moves to Stanley Cup matches.

7. It is almost unfair to combine Evgeni- Malkin’s great talent and generals. When he comes on the pitch, basically no one can stop him

6. Ryan Getzlaf is highly skilled, plus a bit of tenacity. It was a great combination in hockey.

5. Henrik Lundqvist is always at the top of the list of best goalkeepers. That’s why people call him “The King”, King.

4. Alex Ovechkin is such a great NHL player.

3. Steven Stamkos skates like the wind and shoots like a cannon.

2. With two Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals listed on his resume, Jonathan Toews always wants to win.

1. There are many challenges for Sidney Crosby, but “Sid the Kid” is still the golden boy of ice hockey.

The contribution of Jacques Plante on ice hockey sport

Jacques Plante is a professional Canadian ice hockey goalie. During a career spanning 1947 to 1975, he was considered one of the most important innovators in hockey.

Jacques Plante’s full name is Joseph Jacques Omer Plante and he was dubbed the “revolutionary” of ice hockey because he was the first to make improvements to the sport and helped hockey. on ice is more popular.

Jacques Plante is not the first goalkeeper to wear a mask in hockey sport. Elizabeth Graham goalkeeper of the Golden Gaels women’s hockey team at Queen’s University was the first to use masks in the sport in 1927.

But Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first goalkeeper to make it more popular, and he also developed and tested many different kinds of strange faces to suit this sport, moreover, under the support Aided by other hockey experts, he developed the first mask to become the precursor to the type of mask combined with the helmets we see today.

He was also the first hockey goalkeeper to regularly guide and encourage teammates to attack while he was on duty to defend the goal.

During 10 years of playing for Montreal Canadiens, he and his teammates earned Montreal Canadiens the “Dream Team” in 1985. With a total of 437 matches played during his 28-year career as an ice hockey goalkeeper, Jacques Plante ranked 7th among the NHL goalkeepers in history.

In 2017, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was named one of the “100 greatest ice hockey players” in history.

Ice hockey sport

Ice hockey developed from Canada – is an ice hockey sport. Each team will have 6 players, including the goalkeeper. A team will have a maximum of 20 people per match, including 2 goalkeepers.

A match will consist of 3 rounds, 20 minutes each, dead time, the break time between the 2 rounds is 15 minutes.

The stadium is 61m long and 30m wide. It will consist of 3 areas including 2 defensive areas for each team and the middle of the field. In each defensive area there will be 2 small circles for the defensive team players.

The speed of this subject is very high, can reach more than 180km / h. There will be 1 piece of hard rubber called snow ball and 2 teams will use the sticks to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Athletes will wear protective gear on the head, shoulders, gloves, and the goalkeeper wear shin guards. Unlike on-line hockey, ice hockey does not limit the number of substitutions.

The biography of hockey player Vladimir E. Krutov (Part 1)

Experienced hockey fans clearly remember the top 5 legends, held in CSKA by Viktor Tikhonov, including Vladimir Krutov. Hockey players from God – lots of hockey experts and fans appreciate the athlete’s talent.

Although many people don’t remember how this hockey player played, however, thanks to modern technology and especially the Internet, you can not only hear from experienced fans of the five people. This great, but also see the record of the game with my eyes.

Hockey career

Young hockey player got up pretty early on skating shoes. Because Krutov’s parents live in Moscow, the first stadium where little Vova is led is the Meteorite. A young athlete was only four years old. Later, he entered the CSKA hockey school, where he underwent basic hockey education.

Like many boys of his day, he imitated Valery Kharlamov, a notable hockey player at the time, on the ice. But unlike other boys who have never seen their idols in life, Krutov not only knows Valery Kharlamov, but even their families are friends.

The hockey player Krutov completed his sports education at the age of seventeen. He then spent his first match as part of the legendary Moscow club CSKA.

Vladimir Krutov at CSKA

If we talk about playing career, it can be noted that he is monogamous. The first club that Vladimir E. Krutov started his hockey career was CSKA. And the first match with his participation took place in 1977, when the athlete started only seventeen years old. That year, an anonymous hockey player walked on the ice in the famous army club’s sweater against Krylya Sovetov.

After this entry, Vladimir Krutov, whose biography is fully detailed, spent eleven seasons with CSKA, not changing his first love for the army. The only time a player changed a sweater of his favorite club was the end of his hockey career and a trip abroad.

If we talk about his physical characteristics and role, it is worth noting that with the small growth according to hockey standards, the athlete has a pretty good weight. But, however, as an attacker, Vladimir has incredible speed and maneuverability, thanks to which he earned the nickname tank tank.

The 5 greatest ice hockey players of all time

Here are the top 5 greatest ice hockey players of all time. Let’s check out!

1. Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is the only player in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL) to score 200 points in a season, Gretzky achieved this feat four times in his career. He also holds the fastest scoring record with 50 goals in 39 matches.

Gretzky set his passion for hockey in California thanks to his time working with the Los Angeles Kings, he finally turned Golden State into one of the fastest growing hockey locations in the United States.

2. Bobby Orr

Having played only 10 seasons at the NHL, Orr dominates his time by perfecting the skills and artistry of an attacking defender. Although Doug Harvey is a pioneer in creating the play style to help defenders shine, it is Orr who takes that philosophy to a whole new level.

Thanks to his fast and strong strides, Orr can slip around the team, he often moves around the field during competition. He is the gold standard for defender position with scoring records and effective attack support.

3. Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux scored 282 points in 70 games in his final season for Laval Voisins. He was close to the 200-point milestone in the 1988-1989 season with 85 goals and 114 assists. His career was interrupted for three seasons due to health reasons.

Lemieux will always be remembered as one of the greatest players on the ice. In addition, the Mario Lemieux Foundation, which supports cancer research, has made his name known and remembered with respect.

4. Gordie Howe

Howe is the player who scored more than 800 goals in NHL history. “Mr. Hockey “also set an impressive record in the explosion of attacking play in the 1980s and in the period when defenders were allowed to defend harshly against offensive players.

With six MVP titles in a decade, Howe truly dominates his time. His career lasted from the end of World War II to the middle of the Cold War with 32 professional playing seasons at the NHL and the World Hockey Association.

5. Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr owns five scoring goals, three Lester Pearson titles (now Ted Lindsay) and one Hart title, he won all the individual awards of a hockey player.

With great strength, physique and skill, Jaromir Jagr will easily achieve a record of more than 800 goals in his career if he does not have to play for three years. At 43, he remains an effective player and is most sought after by the NHL teams.

Vyacheslav Bulls – a great Russian hockey player and coach (Part 2)

It ended with our victory with a humiliating hockey score of 7: 4. In 1990, Vyacheslav Bykov and his colleague on the ice decided to move to the Swiss club, Friborg Gotteron, but both continue to play in the CIS team.

During this time, the gold of the Olympics-92 and the World Cup-93 was added to his piggy bank. After 8 years, Vyacheslav moved to an ice hockey club “Lausanne”, Switzerland, after 2 years, he ended his career as an ice hockey player. At this time, the legendary striker was 40 years old.

Coaching career

After completing his playing career, Vyacheslav Bykov (coach), whose biography described above, stayed in Switzerland, became a citizen and started working at the hockey club. Friborg Gotteron. Then, in 2004, Vyacheslav was invited to lead the CSKA group, where he worked until 2009. And from 2006, he was invited to lead the Russian team.

Success is not long, and in the recent season, both teams can reach the main peak: CSKA reached the semi-finals of the playoffs in the Russian championship, and the team won in three stages European Championship, but lost in the final.

In 2007, under the training of Vyacheslav Bykov, the Russian team at the World Championship won bronze, and a year later, she was able to win the title of world champion, at the age of 15. In 2009, when Vyacheslav was still the country’s head coach, he signed a contract with hockey club Ufa Salavat Yulaev.

Under Bykov’s leadership, the team won a bronze medal in the 09/10 season and the following year they won the Gagarin Cup. In 2011, Bykov left the Ufa club. A year ago, the Russian national team under Bukov’s leadership suffered a heavy defeat, losing the Olympic Games in Canada in the quarterfinals with a score of 3: 7, and in 2011 at the World Championship in our country.

There is absolutely no reward. This is the reason for the departure of Bykov. In 2014, Vyacheslav returned to hockey and became coach of the SKA team, and in the first season, the club managed to get the Gagarin Cup. In 2015, Bykov left the club, and to this day he does not participate in a coaching career. As Vyacheslav himself said, his return was impossible.