Hockey is a popular sport all over the world. Most outside viewers, heard about hockey, represent a player with a stick and most importantly a ball. Now ask the same person about bandy, then he will just shrug and won’t be able to say anything about the sport.

Bendy (ball hockey) has a long and rich history, the vast geography of the participants (out of those participating in the tournament, you might even notice the Somalia team).

Bendy World Championship history

The international ice hockey federation was established in 1955. The event took place in Stockholm. The countries of Scandinavia and the Soviet Union have formed the general rules of the game, eliminating the difference in interpretation that takes place in each country.

Two years later, in 1957, the first championship took place, it simply did not turn into the world language. Only three teams play the world title including Soviet Union, Sweden, and Finland. The tournament is held in Finland in the city of Helsinki. Victory was organized by the Soviet team.

Since then, the Soviet Union (hereinafter referred to as Russia) has won the honor trophy twenty-six times. The Swedish hockey player succeeded 12 times. The third world champion is the Finnish team. Did this once in 2004.

Originally intended to hold contests every four years. But after the second World Cup, held in Norway (the Norwegians were added to the list of participants), they decided to host a tournament every two years.

The frequency of such matches remained until the 2003 World Cup. After that, the championship began to be held every year. The last time Bendy World Cup went through was the 2019 tournament in the city of Venersborg from Sweden.

In the more than half-century history of Bandy World, 23 countries have participated in the game. European teams make up the majority. Below are teams from Netherlands, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, and Switzerland. Their companies are the United States, Canada, Mongolia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Somalia.