Basic things to know about ice hockey equipment and tools

An ice hockey game requires a ball. This sports equipment is made of vulcanized plastic or rubber. The diameter of it is 3 inches (7.62 cm), the thickness is 1 inch (2.54 cm), the weight is 156 to 170 grams. Ice hockey is played with sticks used for kicking, passing, and the ball.

The cane is a long thin stem with a flat extension at one end, called a hook. The sizes of clubs, as well as the materials with which they are made, vary widely depending on the athlete’s physical characteristics, working hands, preferences. A goalie stick is different from that of a normal player.

When playing hockey, athletes move around the field at high speed and move the ball at an even greater speed with the help of strikes. For this reason, great importance is given to the player’s protective devices.

Compulsory helmets and all shields and cushions in their form protect the athlete from bumps and bumps, falls and collisions with balls. Modern materials make it possible to make such protection as easy and as convenient as possible.

Hockey game begins

Any hockey game starts from the front center, where the puck is played by two players from opposing teams. The choice of half the field before the beginning of the first phase usually remains with the host of the meeting or is done heavily.

Teams must change their goals after each major or additional major period. Players and goalkeepers can be substituted at any time during the match or during stoppage time. Furthermore, the goalkeeper, if desired, can be replaced by a field player.

Goals in hockey

A goal is counted in a hockey match whenever the ball touches the target and completely crosses the finish line. The exception is the case when a player deliberately kicks the ball with his foot or hand or directs it at the goal by any means other than with his stick.

Ice hockey requires many tools and equipment

Additionally, goals scored online as a result of a direct rebound from the referee, or if the goal turns out to be moved, are not counted.

Hockey violations and penalties

In modern hockey rules, a large number of situations are listed, the appearance of ice on it is recognized as a violation by one or more players and fined by some of the most fines. concentration.

Among the most common violations in hockey are opponent hits and pushes, trips, delays and hooks, tricks against a player who does not possess the ball, play dangerously with a high club, slow play, as well as undisciplined and undisciplined behavior.

Top 5 films about ice hockey that lovers of this sport should not ignore (Part 1)

Ice hockey is becoming more and more popular, although compared to soccer and basketball, the popularity of ice hockey is not very high. Therefore, the number of films and television productions on ice hockey is not inferior to football and basketball.

The following will introduce 5 very interesting movies with the theme of ice hockey, hope everyone has time to look to see and appreciate the unique appeal of ice hockey.

Goon 2011

Doug Glatt, the main protagonist of the movie, is a bar guard with a strong build and a boring personality. Once, Glatt went to watch an ice hockey tournament, the audience was not satisfied with the player’s performance and booed, the players were very dissatisfied with the boos from the audience. This scene happened to be filmed and distributed by a friend, Glatt immediately attracted the attention of the public and joined a local ice hockey team.

Goon is a great movie about ice hockey

As a rookie, Grat needs to start from the basics, but he is a potential player on the team. Perhaps due to his talent, Gratt gradually matured in the game, and according to the coach’s recommendation, he entered the Highlanders professional tournament.

Glatt’s main task is to protect the safety of his teammates as a bodyguard. In countless fierce battles, Glatt not only defeated his opponent but also made the viewer feel very romantic that was the scene where he met his favorite.

Miracle 2004

The film tells the story of an American ice hockey team, which is inexperienced, and won against the Soviet ice hockey team at the Winter Olympics.

This film is based on the true story of the US team at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Famous coach Herb Brooks was appointed to lead the American ice hockey team to the Winter Olympics, then dominating the world as the Soviet team, which since the 1960s took the title of champions of the Olympic ice hockey long ago.

Hebe selected a group of outstanding players from all of the US universities to begin the rigorous training process. With the efforts of Hebe and the players, these amateurs even possessed real combat power against the Soviet Union. In the final match, the American ice hockey team defeated the Soviet Union and brought glory to America.

Learn about the origin and general rules of ice hockey (Part 2)

Hockey pitch and its markings

The dimensions of a hockey rink, according to the rules fixed by the International Ice Hockey Federation, are 60-61 meters long and 29-30 meters wide. For informal games, the size of the court may vary, but the minimum area that can be specified in the rules of hockey is 40 x 20 meters.

The hockey pitch itself is limited to one side at least 1.2 meters high. Around the circumference, protective glass is mounted behind edges that are 1.6 to 2 meters high. The corners of the platform and the faces should be rounded. On one side of the sidewall, there is an outlet for players of both teams.

Through open portals inwards, athletes go on the ice at the beginning of the match and make substitutions during the game. On the benches on this side of the side, the wall is all declared team players and coaching staff. On the other side of the court, two gates lead to penalty frames for players of both teams.

The ice hockey rink

To mark the ice hockey rink, blue and red paints are used. The field is divided in half by the central red line, the face point at its center. Three to four meters from the fronts (the short edges of the site) are the red lines of the gate, in the center, there is the gate.

To mark the ice hockey rink, blue and red paints are used

The distance between the golf poles in hockey is 1.83 meters and their height is 1.22 meters. The target area is indicated by blue paint with red outlines.

At a height of 17.23 meters from each goal line, the blue lines of the rival areas parallel to them are drawn, the center of which is the center.  The Facing Areas are limited by circles with a radius of 4.5 meters drawn to the left and right of the target at a distance of 6 meters.

Top 10 best prep schools in America for ice hockey (Part 4)

Old Avon Farm

This best all-boys hockey school located in the mountains of Connecticut certainly has one of the more innovative mascots in the sport. As New England’s premier prep school hockey program, it has demonstrated a consistent ability to create winning teams and develop successful players. Their facility is top-notch.

The team is led by legendary coach John Gardner and has won eight First Division British Championships, including five from the year 2004 to 2010 and nine founding League championships. Notable alumni that abound include Brian Leetch, Jonathan Quick, Nick Bonino, Cam Atkinson, and Spencer Knight. It is America’s second-best hockey prep school.

Do preparatory schools have hockey scholarships?

Most preparatory schools do not offer hockey scholarships, while some do. Financial aid is available, however, with most of the best hockey prep schools in the United States offering scholarships to exceptional students and need-based aid to those who cannot afford it.

Most preparatory schools do not offer hockey scholarships, while some do

There are many schools that prepare boarding hockey in the US. In fact, boarding school reviews call over 100 as the top boarding school for hockey prep. These schools offer ice hockey prep as an inter-school sport.

Is there financial support available to high school students in hockey prep schools?

Although every school offers financial aid to high school students demonstrating financial need and even scholarships. There are many awards for high school students in the United States. Some of these awards are for seniors’ high school and the likes Some of the best US high school awards for US high school students can be seen as Ned Mcwherther.

What are the best hockey schools in America?

Avon Ancient Farm

Taft School

Deerfield Academy

Philips Andover Academy

Cushing Academy


Although there are many hockey prep schools in the United States, we have successfully reduced the list to 10. best read carefully. Links to schools have also been written so you can apply them to schools.

Learn about the origin and general rules of ice hockey (Part 1)

An ice hockey game in its modern form appeared and took shape in Canada in the late 19th century. The first hockey rules were built in 1877, and in 1886, an improved version. of them have been printed. Since then, the spread of hockey, the popularity of this sports team game, and the love for the audience have grown at a frenetic pace.

The first championship, the first international meeting, the creation of hockey leagues and associations, constantly updating the rules of the hockey game. And since 1920, hockey has been included in the program of the Winter Olympics.

In our country, as well as around the world, hockey is the most popular winter sports team game. Her entertainment attracts great attention to the largest international ice hockey tournaments. And even people who have never had a cane in their hand know something about the rules of ice hockey.

General rules of ice hockey

The hockey team is played on ice and involves a two-team confrontation. There are usually six players on each side of the pitch, including the goalkeeper. The player moves around the ice rink on skates. The goal of the game is to throw as many goals at an opponent’s goal with the help of the club and prevent the goal from hitting their own goal.

The hockey team is played on ice and involves a two-team confrontation

The hockey game is divided into three phases over 20 minutes each. Between the intervals, the break is announced, usually lasting 15 minutes. Depending on the tournament, in the event of a tie, overtime or overtime is indicated at the end of normal time. Post-match shots or shootouts may also be taken to determine the winner. Specific rules for overtime and penalty shootouts are specified in the tournament rules.

In addition to the players and goalkeepers, an umpiring team consisting of three or four referees was present on the field. Usually, this is a chief judge and two linear. They are responsible for monitoring violations of hockey game rules, fixing targets, tracking offside positions, puck shots, etc.

Top 10 best prep schools in America for ice hockey (Part 3)

Culver Military Academy

Located in northern Indiana, this military academy’s hockey team has produced 26 NHL drafts. During the first 32 years of hockey at Culver, the Military Academy, they built a program that had amassed 20 national championships, in addition to producing 148 college players.

This includes 70 in Division I levels – and 22 drafts of the National Hockey Federation. Finally, notable alumni are Jean-Michael Liles, Ryan Suter, and Gary Suter.

Phillips Andover Academy

Usually, if you enter the best hockey prep schools, Philips is one of the schools you’ll see. Founded in 1776, this America’s best hockey prep school has both men’s and women’s teams. The women’s hockey program at Phillips Academy has a long and successful tradition as one of the oldest girls’ high school programs in the country.

Importantly, it’s also easy to get into. Finally, some notable alumni are Chris Kreider, Cory Schneider, and Garnet Hathaway.

Deerfield Academy

If you are looking to attend an Ivy League or NESCAC school, you should consider Deerfield Academy, as the education-hockey combination has resulted in nearly 30 commitments to two tournaments over the past eight years.

You should consider Deerfield Academy, as the education-hockey combination

Hockey has been at the core of Deerfield culture since the show’s opening season in 1922. Deerfield won the 2016 Flood-Marr Prize, beating Nobles, KUA, and Milton on his way to the championship. In addition, the girl’s team won the 2001 New England Division I Championship. Finally, the notable alumni of this prep school for hockey in the US are Ben Lovejoy, Alex Killorn.

Taft School

With just over 600 students, Taft School, a hockey prep school, consistently ranks in the top 20 of both educational and athletic prep schools. Taft School is a private, collaborative school located in Watertown, Connecticut, the USA for the college preparatory program in hockey.

Apparently, hockey has been playing in this prep school since its founding in 1890. They were the first to have an indoor ice surface in 1950. Actually, it was two; Mays and Orupt Arena. Also, a notable alumnus is Max Pacioretty.

Learn the basic terms and rules about ice hockey sport (Part 3)

Discipline until the end of the game

The player or team is officially deleted before the end of the game with a substitute and sent to the positions under his authority. After the game, the referee must submit a report and the match organizer may impose additional penalties.

Penalty match

Players who are deleted before the end of the game with a substitute after 5 minutes, will be disqualified for the next match and sent to the guild room. Any player on the field, at the discretion of the captain, will execute the penalty for 5 minutes.

After the game, the referee must submit a report and the match organizer may impose additional penalties. The 5 minute fine cannot be removed before the deadline.

Free throws

The designated free throw (bullet) at the gate of the offending team. The goalkeeper of the offending team and the player on the opponent’s field remain on the field.

The shot is placed in the center of the field in front of the player, the referee blows his whistle, then the player starts to approach the goalkeeper and shoots a shot towards the goal without being able to finish.

KHL Championship

The regular Continental Hockey League championship is held once a year. To compete for an ice win, teams from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Slovakia, and Finland gathered. During the championship, each team hosted 56 matches – two matches each, plus four more.

The regular Continental Hockey League championship is held once a year

What is a playoff game

The playoffs are the second stage of the KHL Championship – the game of elimination. As a result of the regular KHL Championships, Continental Cup winner Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov is determined. According to the results of the playoffs, the Russian champion is determined, becoming Russia’s best club and the KHL champion is the holder of the Gagarin Cup.

In the playoffs, there are 8 teams from the conferences, meaning a total of 16 teams earned first place on the leaderboard, determined by the total number of points scored in all matches of the first round of the group. Championship.

The teams are split into pairs, the team that occupies the highest position in the group playing with the smallest team, the second team in a row – with the penultimate, etc. This quarter-final match is the first stage. Teams meet until one of them reaches 4 wins.

The next stage is the semi-final. The winner will enter the semifinals – 8 teams, 4 from each Conference. Followed by super finals and conference finals, a series of games between the strongest teams East and West. There will be only one winner – KHL Champion and Gagarin Cup winner.

Top 10 best prep schools in America for ice hockey (Part 2)

Salisbury School

Founded in 1901, Salisbury School is a private college preparatory school open to all boys in Connecticut. Furthermore, the hockey team was known as the Crimson Knights. Apparently, this hockey prep school team has scored 26 wins with just four defeats. It has won a total of five New England first division championships

We have said that the prep schools for hockey in the US for both boys and girls will rank higher. So here is our number eight. Furthermore, notable alumni are Mark Arcobello, Paul Carey, and Alex Biega.

Noble and Greenough School

Noble and Greenough School is one of the best hockey prep schools in the United States

Whether you are an experienced hockey player or you are new to the sport, Nobles has a team for each level, including Varsity, JV, and the high school companion with the girl’s team.

Although the Nobles is made up of predominantly native Massachusetts natives and its tuition exceeded $ 50,000 the previous school year, some high prospects from across the state sign up due to its campus beauty and campuses. Their famous sports facilities.

Finally, notable alumni are Kevin Hayes, Mark Fayne. It is also 7th on our list of the best hockey prep schools in the United States.

Cushing Academy

Basically, Cushing has been in existence since 1865 as a co-college boarding school and day school for students in grades 9-12. And also for PG students. This hockey prep school is one of the best on our list. It has national recognition and in the new UK prep school’s ice hockey association it is a member of.

Cushing Academy’s penguins have secured two elite New England Championships, one Grand School Championship, and 21 in season.

Finally, Cushing prides itself on being one of the leading hockey school ice rinks in the country along with world-class facilities. Furthermore, they also have dedicated coaches that teach ice hockey programming throughout the year. Notable alumni include Connor Sheary, Chris Bourque, and Keith Yandle.

Learn the basic terms and rules about ice hockey sport (Part 2)

Offside in ice hockey

In the event of a violation of the rules to enter the area, it is recxxorded – offside. It is indicated if the puck is in the area of ​​one of the opposing teams and the player of the opposing team is in the area (if both of his skates are completely behind the line defining the zone contour).

The assistant referee raises his hand, and if the attacking team’s player touches the ball or it reaches the target, the game stops. A specified confrontation in the middle area.

If there is no contact with the puck, the game will resume, but offside will continue until all attacking players leave the opponent’s area or the puck leaves the area. If any of these conditions are met, the assistant referee must lower his hand and the teams will continue the game.

Offside in ice hockey

Depending on the severity of the violation in ice hockey, one of the following fines may apply.

Minor faults

Launched for minor breaks. Players are removed for 2 minutes without a substitution. If the goalkeeper receives a penalty, any player present on the field of the choice of the coach of the offending team will be penalized. It could be one goal ahead of time.

Team faults

This is the situation where the whole ice hockey team made the fault. Usually for a digital power violation, when the result of a change is made incorrectly on the ice there is an extra field player. Any player of a coach’s choice is serving a penalty. It could be one goal ahead of time.

Major faults

Players (at the option of the captain) are deleted for 5 minutes without a substitution.


Players are removed for 10 minutes with replacements. After the penalty time, the penalized player can leave the penalty frame at the first stop of the game. Violated many times by a player will be penalized with a disciplinary penalty until the end of the game.

Top 10 best prep schools in America for ice hockey (Part 1)

The schools we have listed below are ranked using the following information.


This is the first and most notable ranking criteria. All accredited preparatory schools rank higher than those that don’t. However, all of our schools are recognized.

Year of Establishment

Another factor we have been looking at is the years in which the schools were founded. Because most of the older schools have more experience with hockey than the newer schools.

Tournaments won

The best preparatory schools in the United States that won the tournaments also got better ratings. If you take part in an internationally recognized sport we hope you have won or two tournaments to prove your performance.

Alumni of outstanding ability

To show your prestige in hockey are notable alumni from your prep school in the US pursuing the sport as a career.

Here are the top 10 best hockey prep schools in America for both field and ice hockey.

Choate Rosemary

Choate Rosemary is a boarding and day school that prepares hockey for 9th-grade students through graduate students.

There are two teams you can join this best hockey prep school for boy’s ice hockey games, that is, Varsity Men’s Ice Hockey or JV Men’s Ice Hockey.

Choate Rosemary is a boarding and day school that prepares hockey for 9th-grade students

There is also an option for girls on ice hockey. In short, this is our number 10 on our list of the best hockey schools in America.

Shattuck St. Mary

Located in a small rural town in Minnesota called Faribault, there is a new skating rink built-in 2005, home to seven Shattuck-Sts. Mary’s hockey teams as well as Figure Skating Teams.

Hockey students in St. Petersburg Mary has exclusive access to using the arena for practice as well as games. New Rink holds 600 fans and uses geothermal technology to maintain high-quality ice all the time. Connected to The Barn as well as the dressing rooms and training facilities, this famous American hockey prep school’s New Rink is where the game night will take place.

Also, notable alumni are Sydney Crosby, Zach Parise, Jack Johnson, Nathan MacKinnon, and many more.